2019 english theatreAll the Kids from the 3rd and 4th form visited the performance of the English Theatre in Ried: „The Little Prince“ (freely adapted from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry by Sean Aita)

“The most important things in life can’t be seen with your eyes”.



”I liked the actors who played many different roles best. My favourite ones were the king and the confused professor. The king was a rapper and that was really funny. He played the guitar and in one scene he moved the snake. I also liked the songs.”
(Raphael Kindlinger 4b)

"My favourite character was the Little Prince because he was very clever. Sometimes his behaviour seemed a little bit strange to us. The Little Prince met lots of different persons on his trip, learned a lot of them and made friends with some of them."
(Kreuzhuber David 4b)

The girls and boys really enjoyed the play.

Derntl Regina